Female Acrobatic Monkey
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Female monkey acrobat
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Gender Female
Appearances Rhythm Heaven Megamix

The Female Acrobatic Monkey appears in Jungle Gymnast from Rhythm Heaven Megamix. She is the sister of the Acrobatic Monkey from Animal Acrobat.  Just like her brother, she swings on elephant trunks and giraffe heads, although she can also swing on pairs of white monkeys as well.

Physical Appearance

Female Acrobatic Monkey looks nearly identical to her brother, except for a few key differences. Instead of orange fur, she has pink fur. Female Acrobatic Monkey is also portrayed with pink cheeks and a red bowtie. The differences end there, however, as Female Acrobatic Monkey's white hands and feet, inner tan fur, and large black eyes remain the same as her brother.


Information about Female Acrobatic Monkey is scarce. What can be found, though, is that she is the inspiration for her brother, who gave her the cute red ribbon she wears during performances. It's apparent that she is more skilled than her brother, as she has the ability to swing off of strings of white monkeys during performances.



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