Evil Demons
悪霊 Akuryō
Evil Demons
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Fever
Gender Genderless
Appearances Rhythm Tengoku,
Rhythm Heaven,
Rhythm Heaven Fever,
Rhythm Heaven Megamix

The Evil Demons are main antagonists of the Samurai Slice games in the Rhythm Heaven Franchise. They are black-pitch creatures with hand-like claws and spiky teeth who cause all kinds of mischief. They create trouble by stealing precious items, including a pinwheel and a stuffed bunny as seen in Rhythm Heaven Fever, and even stealing princesses, as seen in Rhythm Heaven Megamix's Super Samurai Slice. The only one who's seen stopping them is the Wandering Samurai. Their first appearance was in Rhythm Tengoku, where they can be found wearing red Tengu-like masks.