Endless Games is a menu in the Bonus section which consists of games that are played for an infinite amount of time, until the player makes a certain amount of mistakes. Unlike Rhythm Games, these are played with the objective of earning a high score, which increases to show how far the player has gotten. These games are unlocked by earning Medals.

Rhythm Tengoku

Endless Games Tengoku

The Endless Games menu in Rhythm Tengoku

Rhythm Heaven

Endless Games

The Endless Games menu in Rhythm Heaven

Rhythm Heaven Fever


Endless Games Fever

The Endless Games menu in Rhythm Heaven Fever


Endless Games 2P

The Two-Player Endless Games menu in Rhythm Heaven Fever

Rhythm Heaven Megamix


In Rhythm Heaven Megamix, there is no actual endless game menu. Instead, the endless games are played in the middle of the story mode, presented as a gate with three challenges of varying difficulty. Clearing all three challenges will then unlock the game as an endless game in the Museum.

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