Drum Lessons

Drum Samurai

The Drum Lessons (ドラムレッスン Doramuressun?, "Drum Lessons") are minigames in Rhythm Tengoku hosted by the Drum Samurai. There are a few lessons unlocked from the start, but the player can unlock more by getting Medals from playing Rhythm Games. The drum lessons consist of a Drum Player copying the patterns given by the Drum Samurai, getting more and more complex with each lesson.

The controls for the Drum Lessons are used in the Studio, where the player can play the drums to any song in the game (provided it's unlocked first). Getting a Perfect on most games awards the player with new drums, which change the sounds of the drums when playing in the studio.

After clearing Remix 8, the Concert Hall is unlocked, which also uses the controls from the Drum Lessons.

in Rhythm Heaven, the Guitar Lessons serve a similar purpose.

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