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The Challenge Train is a brand new feature introduced in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. The player can compete in a series of challenges ranging from many games. Below is a complete list of challenges.

Saffron's Course

This course is unlocked by default. This is the easiest course the player can take part in.

Simplicity Is Best

"Let's start out simple, shall we?"
— Description

  1. Karate Man 2. Spaceball 3. LumBEARjack

Punch! Shoot! Smack!

"Remember, the only problems you can solve with violence are rhythm problems."
— Description

  1. Figure Fighter 2. Shoot-'em-up 3. The Clappy Trio

Bringing Topknots Back

"Get in touch with your inner samurai."
— Description

  1. Power Calligraphy 2. Sumo Brothers 3. Super Samurai Slice

Aim True

"Don't sweat it, just feel the groove!"
— Description

  1. Tongue Lashing 2. Sneaky Spirits 3. Exhibition Match

Group Activity

"Find harmony with other, like-minded individuals."
— Description

  1. Micro-Row 2. Blue Birds 3. Flipper-Flop 4. Flock Step

Pattern Play

"Bouncy and lighthearted."
— Description

  1. Air Rally 2. Bunny Hop 3. Rhythm Rally

A Tale of Dietary Fiber

"Why eat fruit when you can play with it instead?"
— Description

  1. Catchy Tune 2. Rhythm Tweezers 3. Fruit Basket

Monster Maw

"Land aces to escape the gaping maw!"
— Description

  1. Figure Fighter 2. Air Rally 3. Micro-Row 4. Bunny Hop

Master of the Delayed Response

"Patience, grasshopper (or chorus kid, or robot technician, or bird...)."
— Description

  1. Glee Club 2. Fillbots 3. Blue Birds

Game Gamble: Beginner

"You strike me as a risk taker. A real go-getter!"
— Description

1.Random (GBA) 2.Random (DS) 3.Random (Wii) 4.Random (New)

*Note these games are only from set 1-6* (Prequel Sets)

Saltwater's Course

This course is unlocked by completing all challenges in Saffron's Course. This is the normal course the player can participate in.

Soul of Japan

"Games with a Japanese flair."
— Description

  1. Dog Ninja 2. Power Calligraphy 3. Samurai Slice

All Singing, All Dancing

"You've got rhythm. Here's the music to go with it."
— Description

  1. Glee Club 2 2. Frog Hop 3. Tap Trial

Full-Belly Dojo

"Learn the lesson of fullness!"
— Description

  1. Fork Lifter 2. Fillbots 2 3. Tongue Lashing

Round-Object Fan Club

"Round objects... I know you think about them just as much as I do."
— Description

  1. Working Dough 2. Bouncy Road 3. Fork Lifter 4. Flipper-Flop 2

Factory Tourism

"It's fun AND educational to learn how the things you use were made."
— Description

  1. Fillbots 2 2. Built to Scale 3. Screwbot Factory 4. Machine Remix

On the Job

"Everybody's got to pay the mortgage, one way or another."
— Description

  1. Working Dough 2. Board Meeting 3. Packing Pests 4. Monkey Watch

Getting Vocal

"Let's sing together! (You can sing quietly if you're shy.)"
— Description

  1. Fan Club 2. Karate Man Combos! 3. The Dazzles 4. Airboarder 5. Karate Man Kicks!

Be a Good Sport

"It's good to move your body sometimes."
— Description

  1. Hole in One or Spaceball 2. Rhythm Rally 2 3. Figure Fighter 2 or Fruit Basket 2 4.Air Rally 2 5. Exhibition Match

Extreme Sports

"It's good to move your body a great deal sometimes."
— Description

  1. Spaceball 2. Rhythm Rally 2 3. Hole in One 4. Air Rally 2 5. Fruit Basket 2 6. Figure Fighter 2 7. Exhibition Match

So Many Monkeys!

"Do you like monkeys? I think they're all right."
— Description

  1. Hole in One 2. Monkey Watch 3. Exhibition Match 4. Animal Acrobat 5. Tap Trial 6. Fan Club

Monster Maw 2

"Land more aces to escape the even-more gaping maw!"
— Description

  1. Spaceball 2. Flipper-Flop 3. Rhythm Rally 4. LumBEARjack 2

Remix Medley

"It's almost like a remix of remixes. A meta-remix, if you will."
— Description

  1. Machine Remix or Honeybee Remix 2. Donut Remix or Citrus Remix 3. Barbershop Remix 4. Songbird Remix 5. Lush Remix

Super Remix Medley

"So remixed it almost comes back around to not being mixed at all..."
— Description

  1. Lush Remix 2. Honeybee Remix 3. Machine Remix 4. Citrus Remix 5. Donut Remix 6. Barbershop Remix 7. Songbird Remix

That's Show Biz!

"You're gonna be the star! Or a strong supporting player!"
— Description

  1. The Clappy Trio 2 2. The Dazzles 3. Glee Club 2 4. Airboarder 5. Bird Remix

Game Gamble: Intermediate

"Care to play dangerously?"
— Description

1.Random (GBA) 2.Random (DS) 3.Random (Wii) 4.Random (New)

*Note these games are from set 1-7 and even some bonus games from shop set.1-6* (Originals Sets)

Paprika's Course

The Paprika Course is unlocked by completing all challenges in Saltwater's Course. This course is the hardest course the player ever participates in with nearly all the songs being sped up.

All or Nothing!

"To err is human... so this series is only for nonhumans."
— Description

1.Exhibition Match 2.Sneaky Spirits 2 3.Ninja Bodyguard

Demon Slayer

"So many unsliced demons! So many unrescued villagers!"
— Description

1.Samurai Slice 2.Super Samurai Slice 3.Super Samurai Slice 2

Tales of Romance

"Being young and in love is the best. Being old and in love is still pretty good."
— Description

1.Double Date 2.Blue Bear 3.Tangotronic 3000 4.Bossa Nova

Back and So Forth

"You can achieve more if you work with a partner. That's just a fact."
— Description

1.Catchy Tune 2 2.See-Saw 3.Sumo Brothers 4.Air Rally 2 5.Cosmic Rhythm Rally

Karate Joe vs. the Monster

"Coming soon to a multiplex near you!"
— Description

1.Karate Man 2.Karate Man Returns! 3.Karate Man Kicks! 4.Karate Man Combos! 5.Karate Man Senior


"Innovation is overrated."
— Description

1.Rhythm Tweezers 2.First Contact 3.Working Dough 4.Rhythm Tweezers 2 5.Second Contact 6.Working Dough 2

Group Activity 2

"Find MORE harmony with other, like-minded individuals."
— Description

1.Marching Orders 2.Micro-Row 2 3.Jumpin' Jazz 4.Cosmic Dance 5.Lockstep

Lockstep Lockdown

"Look, this one's tough."
— Description

1.Lockstep 2.Lockstep 3.Lockstep 4.Lockstep

Getting Vocal 2

"Let's all sing together! Or at least lip-sync!"
— Description

1.Sumo Brothers 2.Pajama Party 3.Honeybee Remix (JP version): Airboarder (US/EU/KR version) 4.Machine Remix (JP version): Frog Hop (US/EU/KR version) 5.Lush Remix (JP version): Honeybee Remix (US/EU/KR version)


"Pew pew pew!"
— Description

1.Launch Party 2.Shoot-'em-up 2 3.First Contact 4.Space Dance 5.Spaceball 6.Cosmic Rhythm Rally

Rhythm Safari

"Look at all the animals! And look at their sense of rhythm!"
— Description

1.Bunny Hop 2.Rat Race 3.LumBEARjack 2 4.Blue Birds 5.Flock Step 6.Kitties! 7.Fan Club 2

Hello, Ladies...

"Think you're woman enough to take this one on?"
— Description

1.Fan Club 2.The Dazzles 3.Cheer Readers 4.Pajama Party 5.Exhibition Match 6.Hole in One 2 7.Jungle Gymnast 8.Ringside

Game Gamble: Advanced

"Careful you don't lose your shirt. You might want to pin it to your pants."
— Description

1.Random (GBA) 2.Random (DS) 3.Random (Wii) 4.Random (New)

*Note these games are from post-credits and sequels*


"You know who I haven't seen in a while?"
— Description

1.Tap Trial 2.Munchy Monk 3.Fillbots 2 4.Super Samurai Slice

Wario...Where? 2: The Sequel

"Oh, and look who else is here!"
— Description

1.The Clappy Trio 2 2.Freeze Frame 3.Catchy Tune 2 4.Ringside

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