隊員 Taiin
Cadet in 3DS
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Gender Female
Appearances Rhythm Tengoku,
Rhythm Heaven,
Rhythm Heaven Megamix

The Cadets are marching soldiers with red-yellow helmets who appeared in the minigame Marching Orders in Rhythm Tengoku and Rhythm Heaven Megamix. They are always listening the orders of their captain.



  • In Rhythm Heaven, one of the cadets appeared in the minigame Shoot-'Em-Up 2 where she is helping the Blastronaut during the gameplay.
  • In Rhythm Tengoku, the cadets originally had short hair in unusual colors as shown in the credits, but for some reason, in Megamix, they had longer hair, as shown in the OK screen.
  • In Rhythm Tengoku, the sprite of the cadet's head when facing forward is separated into the helmet and the head. The head has red hair identical to what is seen in the credits of the game. The rotated head sprites for the turns and all the sprites in Megamix are a single sprite, however.


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