Blue Birds
ブルーバーズ Burūbāzu
Blue Birds 3DS
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Gender Males
Appearances Rhythm Heaven,
Rhythm Heaven Fever,
Rhythm Heaven Megamix

The Blue Birds (ブルーバーズ Burūbāzu) are three light-green geese with long necks and beaks. They are soldiers directed by their captain. They make their first appearance in the minigame Blue Birds from Rhythm Heaven.



  • The Blue Birds and their captain make a cameo appearance in the Air Rally minigames, occasionally replacing the normal birds in the background. One of them also makes a cameo appearance in the Superb ending screen, in which he is flying away from the planes in terror.


In Other Languages

Language Name
Flag of Japan Japanese ブルーバーズ Bluebirds
FR French Les trois bleus
ES Spanish Las aves marciales
D German Blaukäppchen-Rekruten
IT Italian
Flag of South Korea Korean

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