Beat Machine

Beat Machine (ビートマシン Bītomashin) is a rhythm toy in Rhythm Heaven that requires 14 medals.


When you tap the screen lightly the character in the middle will begin play the drums. If you tap for long enough the crowd will cheer for your playing skills. Eventually, two other similar looking characters will come on stage and a song will begin to play as the crowd gets more into the performance. Lights at the top will show up later as you play more and that's where the changes to the stage stop. If you play incorrectly, the crowd will boo at you and the game will start regressing.


  • Tap: Play drums
  • Flick: Hit the cymbals

In Other Languages

Language Name
Flag of Japan Japanese ビートマシン bītomashin
FR French Batteur à battre
ES Spanish Batería de Juguete
D German Schlagzeuger
IT Italian
Flag of South Korea Korean


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