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Battle of the Bands
is a bonus section in Rhythm Heaven which is unlocked after the player has completed all minigames including remixes. After doing that, the player can access the section by tapping the right-most part of the blue ribbon in between the minigame sections. In there, an ad tells you to sign up for "Battle of the Bands". There will be two buttons, one saying "Beginners Enroll" and below the first one saying "Pros Enroll". But before one can even enter the beginners' game, they must complete all the Basic Guitar lessons in the Medal Corner each with at least an A Rank. Doing the same thing also goes with the Technical Lessons and the "Pros Enroll" game. After doing that, the player can now enter either the Beginners or the Pros game depending on what they did.

Each game consists of the Rockers with the camera behind them instead of in front of them allowing the player to see that the audiences are actually characters in the whole game itself and all songs from the Basic/Technical Guitar Lesson in one part. The player cannot lose in this game and even if they did well, the Rockers will be put in either first, second or third place in the Battle of the Bands result. Aside from that nothing else in the game actually changes. In the Pros game, not only the player will have to play all the Technical Guitar lesson's songs, they also get to play their own song (Rockers 2) at the end. There is also an unseen character only known as The Announcer in these games.

Songs List

Beginners Enroll

Pros Enroll

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