Acrobatic Monkey
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Acrobatic Monkey
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Gender Male
Appearances Rhythm Heaven Megamix

The Acrobatic Monkey is an orange monkey that does acrobatic tricks in the minigame Animal Acrobat in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. The Acrobatic Monkey swings on elephant trunks and giraffe heads to become the star of the circus. He is the brother of the Female Acrobatic Monkey.

Physical Appearance

Acrobatic Monkey is a small, orange monkey with white hands and white feet. He has large black eyes and pink cheeks, as well as a short tail and big ears. The inner part of his body is a more light-tan color to complement his orange body.


Not much is known about Acrobatic Monkey. What we can figure out from game descriptions and game epilogs is that he was inspired by his sister, Female Acrobatic Monkey, from Jungle Gymnast. After getting a superb rank on Animal Acrobat, it's revealed that he wants to start his own circus with elephants, giraffes, and gorillas.



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